CRBN asks its Teams to follow the MAP pricing policy. Teams are not to advertise any new/ unused CRBN product below the published MSRP price online. Items that are discontinued and or used are not subject to this policy.

Teams are to keep team pricing and discount confidential within its organization. Failure to do so may result in loss of discount or termination from Team Program.



All products sold to sponsored teams are covered by CRBN standard warranty available at CRBN does not accept returns or exchanges without proper documentation/ receipts.


All team customers are required to have an account to issue proper invoices and provide receipts to clearly show what products were bought and at what date.


All products sold through our Team Program are responsible for any costs of shipping, duties or taxes and or insuring the products to their locations. If shipping is bought through CRBN (as a separate line item) CRBN will be responsible for insurance and carriage of the product with a maximum liability of the invoiced value of the order. CRBN is not responsible for costs incurred by the customer for lost, stolen or delayed packages.


CRBN prohibits exporting its products outside the USA. This is due to exclusive arrangements with dealers in certain countries and territories.


CRBN supplies the use of its logos and imagery to partnered teams. These images and logos are available for download on our website. Additionally we provide an uptodate logo pack of CRBN logos for teams to use on custom products. We request that these logos are not modified but rather used as is and kept up to date with branding changes.


Teams agree to have their personal photos, organization logos and images featured on our websites, social media, marketing/ ads, and other promotional content.


All custom CRBN orders ship separately from general standard product orders. By confirming a custom order the customer acknowledges the following:

  • You have read, understand and know all the policies that apply to your specific order.
  • Made-to-order, custom products are not eligible for returns (only warranty)


To be eligible for any contingency teams must provide the following:

  • Podium photo sent to their Representative within 5 days of event.
  • Must be wearing appropriate and approved CRBN products in photo to qualify.
  • Must have signed proper contingency proposal prior to the event/ year.


  • Team is responsible for media sharing/ promoting/ tagging CRBN
  • Team objective is to influence teams to sign up for Team Program
  • All rostered players must wear approved CRBN products when competing at events and practice
  • Rostered players are expected to promote CRBN in person and online
  • Team MUST conduct themselves in a professional manner online and at events
  • Team MUST stay up to date on monthly Team Site updates


  • CRBN reserves the right to terminate a team sponsorship at any time for player misconduct, product misuse, product resale or improper brand exposure
  • All players MUST wear approved CRBN products to be eligible to receive company support via team contingencies, media exposure and or promotion
  • Products purchased through sponsorship are NOT for resale
  • Product warranty information:
  • Event support and warranty is subject to availability and CRBN staff discretion